Friday, January 30, 2009

Sexualism with Sexism

It is an interesting ideology that she has portrayed in her writing of how the media affected her and the baby boomers during their teenage years. How they had sex thrown at them from every side, while their favorite TV shows still had the parents sleeping in separate beds if they even showed their bedroom.

She explained how movies had become more explicit. But, to me that seems to be the only thing at those times that started showing more sexual tendencies. I am thinking that maybe the advertising of the time or something had to have been more sexual because that would be the only way to explain her theory on sexual ism during those times.

I understand that what really made this era a time of sexual revolution was the invention and selling of the pill. Because this enabled teenagers and women alike to have sex without repercussion. She keeps stating that as if pregnancy was the only bad repercussion at the time. Like STD's are just a new wave of happenings.

It started out like that and now has lead us to where we stand today, in a see of sexual fustration and over stimulation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where the Men Are

Douglas can talk all day about how feminism started and how there are three different ages of the development of feminism. How the feminism was really pushed and started by the baby boomers because of the type of advertising that was available to them at the time. But it is interesting to me how they never make mention to the men that helped feminism and or supported it. They want equality but they single out men as the only people that are responsible for the way people think. And make no mention to those that did support their cause.

I like the way she vocalized the change that was needed during the 60's and 70's and how the baby boomers were the perfect group to do it because they had the massive numbers to push forward the cause. The women of that time were then able to achieve many things that were previously unable to do and thus push forward a time of equality that we now are still enjoying. This is not to say that everything is perfect in our society when it come to equal rights for men and women. But, it means that we are making the appropriate changes and are still fighting for those things that we have yet to achieve, especially in the political world.

I would like to further advocate my vendetta by saying that I think that it would further the cause of women's rights if they had men on their side to say that something is wrong as well. It would help men realize that it is not just a feministic issue but that everyone is involved.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stereo Types

As Americans we have a subconscious ability to place people into groups by the way someone looks, how they talk, their gender preferences, and what they believe. It is common because it is how we interact as a society. It is how we interact with each other, and we have it in our heads that we can determine who a person is in a matter of seconds. It is our way as human beings to justify the way we want to treat someone because it gets rid of the unknowns.

We don't like the unknown in society and our media. We need to know and get everything right away. Stereo Types is a way for us to quickly categorize people we may not understand and their actions so that we can justify the way society and us as people treat them. Women are to sensitive, is just one way of saying that "I don't want to watch what I say in front of them, or they are to hard to understand."

If we look beyond that we can see that everyone has attributes that are of all stereo types. That just because your a women doesn't mean your sensitive, and just because your a man doesn't mean that you cant share your feelings. Each person is different and has different attributes and tendencies and shouldn't be categorized.