Friday, January 30, 2009

Sexualism with Sexism

It is an interesting ideology that she has portrayed in her writing of how the media affected her and the baby boomers during their teenage years. How they had sex thrown at them from every side, while their favorite TV shows still had the parents sleeping in separate beds if they even showed their bedroom.

She explained how movies had become more explicit. But, to me that seems to be the only thing at those times that started showing more sexual tendencies. I am thinking that maybe the advertising of the time or something had to have been more sexual because that would be the only way to explain her theory on sexual ism during those times.

I understand that what really made this era a time of sexual revolution was the invention and selling of the pill. Because this enabled teenagers and women alike to have sex without repercussion. She keeps stating that as if pregnancy was the only bad repercussion at the time. Like STD's are just a new wave of happenings.

It started out like that and now has lead us to where we stand today, in a see of sexual fustration and over stimulation.

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  1. That is a great point. I know it was a starting point for sure, but compared to today's media, that was nothing, as far as what was happening in the media at the time. The media has evolved and has gotten wickeder and wickeder, and i honestly dont expect it to stop. it will continue to create social problems until the end of the world. It is sad to see how many families have been ruined and torn apart because of media. i am getting too religious now, so i'll stop, but you made a good point!