Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think what is most appealing to the idea of all these "mooks" and "midrifs" that exist in our media is that they behave the way they behave and it seems that they have no repercussions at all. When in the real world these people would all be pregnant and or in jail for their shenanigans. Teens love the idea, even if they don't behave that way, that they can do and or say whatever they want without repercussions. That everyone and everything will bend to their will and or way of thinking.

The funniest thing about it, is that it sells. MTV is one of the organizations that has come the farthest as far as I am concerned when it comes to this ideology. All of the shows that the have on air right now, is a bunch of mindless crap. None of which really has any substance at all. And the funniest thing about it is that we watch it, and some of us do it knowing that it is what it is.

Media shapes our society and us. The cool factor tends to direct the evil force, but it is not the engine that pushes it.

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