Friday, February 27, 2009


I find it funny that in that movie a lot of those men and teenagers were rapping about terrible and horrible things, but then if asked if they were really like that they denied it. I believe that our society run by a few tycoons, have implemented a norm or standard by which they want people to behave or act. The reason why people abide by this false dycotomy is because of the instant gratification that this type of life brings. You want money sell drugs, sex take it, and if someone is bothering you, kill them.

This image that is being sold could be said to be harmless. But what about all of those men that were at Daytona Beach that were treating those women so porely. What about those women who were in self denial about their own personal image. I find irrefutably concerning that people just cant listen to music or watch something without having to immediately adopt certain appealing aspects of that show into reality.

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