Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big Deal

We talked about race today in class. I know that the majority of people like to try and avoid this topic as much as possible. But the one thing that I would like to talk about is how we focus to much on the cover of the book instead of what is on the inside. It is a personal thing of mine but it doesn't matter what they look like to me I am just concerned with what type of person they are. Because there are both good and bad people of every color and nationality.

I think it is our derivative to put the effort forward to get to know people instead of just assuming people or races are a certain way. I also believe that we are all capable of racism but that doesn't mean that all of us our racists. Because it is human nature to blame other people or races for our mistakes instead of taking responsibility for our actions. Thus allowing for prejudice and segregation.

All we can do is just be responsible for our own actions and be accepting for how people are and understand that different cultures are different than ours. But that doesn't mean that they are bad or evil.


  1. You are right when it comes to the fact that we need to judge peopole for who they are and not what race they are. but the problem is, this doesn't happen. Especially if you have been on the receiving end of the problem. I have been there and seen it as well. it is hard for anyone to have a fair chance in a life like that. it really tears people apart and we can all say that we have a solution to the problem that may work, but its just not reality. i have lost faith in the human race. there are some great people out there, but a small few ruin it for everyone!

  2. Agree with your post! I think we need to judge people on who they are, instead of race or gender. Until that happens, race and gender will always be an issue.

  3. I feel pretty much the same! While I agree that keeping an open dialoug is important for learning, I get tired of discussing issues that seem to go around in circles. I feel that no matter what I will be catergorized because I am white. The issue of race drives me crazy, more so than the women's movement! I feel that if people just let it go it wouldn't be so much an issue any longer.