Friday, February 6, 2009


Extremism is such a hard concept for me to understand. Considering myself to be more of a moderate person, I find an interesting thing that people close their minds so much as to completely block out all types of reason.

When people like MLK had a goal to better the world, he wasnt full of hate, but rather concern and love for his people. Compared to most activists this man and people like him were able to achieve so much more. By using methods of reason and non-violence they were able to accomplish their goals.

When I hear of people like the SCUM group, or the KKK, I feel pity. Because people like that have so much hate or anger built up they are unable to listen to reason, or at least most of the time. No matter how illogical their statements might be, they still hold strong to that feeling or frame of mind.

It is Passive Care and intelligence that allows us to know that there are other more affective ways to get a message across. Gandhi, a man of thought, and understanding showed us through action what can be achieved through non-violent actions. This man was able to motivate a nation into a new era of thought.

All in all I think we should follow in their footsteps and use our intelligence for good, and not waste it away in a hateful manner no matter how righteous we think or cause may be.

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