Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over the Top

If we look to deep into what things mean, and I mean looking way to deep into things, then we can always obscure messages or pull meaning out of them which was never intended on being pulled out. When we were discussing in class about advertisement I realized that a lot of people were saying what they thought the advertisement was trying to portray.

I thought that a lot of the comments were very good, but some people saw a pair of women's legs in the Texas airline add and said that it is stating that women are supposed to be a certain way and that not all women wear skirts and so on. One thing is that the advertisers pay for space and time and they aren't going to clutter their picture with thousands of politically correct pictures of women, when one does the trick.

It so easy to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I know I might be the only one that might think this way, but I believe that it is important to ponder things and think outside of the box. But lets not think outside of the planet. Seeing a picture of a man and women next to each other and then assuming they had sex, and then assuming that every man and women that sit next to each other must have sex, is just one of the examples I could give.


  1. I also think that people were not only criticizing them (which is what we were supposed to be doing, looking at them with a critical eye) but they were over-analyzing them and, like you said, pulling things out of the adds that were kind of off task. Some of the comments didn't answer the three questions that were being asked. There were definitely some good points that were brought up, and I liked looking at the ads from those three different perspectives and hearing what people thought, but I agree with you, I think there were a few times when people were looking a little too much into the ads.

  2. Hi Nate,

    I agree that a lot of people can blow ads out of context. Not to mention get the whole class to digress and as I keep saying it's all in the eyes of the beholder. Someone might see a woman with skinny legs and another might see the guy with boots and spurs.

  3. I agree with the majority of what you said. some of the ads were very over analyzed and some crazy conclusions were drawn from that. Like the one with the cowboys, i mean come on. that ad is as patriotic as it gets and someone could still pull out some B.S. on the subject. That ad came out of a men's magazine and it represents the west's favorite past time. on the other hand, i feel that most advertisers do target sex. even if they dont show it, which lots of times they do, that is what they mean. like in the under armour ad, they obviously had just did the dirty, and that is what they wanted to show.

  4. I also agree. I think that over analiyzing of the ads was a little extreme. I also think people in the class throw out the value of entertainment. For exmaple the axe commercial we watched because of how innapropriate and misleading it was. The first time I saw at home and started laughing. My husband was in the kitchen and asked why I was laughing I told him. He commented how he couldnt believe I had never seen it and that he agreed that it was hilarius. Some of those ads we were watching we have to remeber that advertisers look at it with an eye for entertainment.