Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anti-Advertising is still Advertising

I think that it is all fine and dandy that people get upset about the large conglomerates that role our lives and dictate what media we need and must participate in, but it is another thing to act out against them in such a way that you are actually giving those same companies even more publicity.

Some say that any type of media exposure is good exposure. For example if you are Microsoft and I am fet up with windows and there is a huge billboard right by where I live and I go and put that Bill Gates lies all over it. Then the news is going to do a piece on it and if lets say I had a group of people that did it in a ton of places then more news people are going to pick it up and show it. Some people are going to be like that is funny, but most people are just going to see tons of Microsoft signs that have stuff on it.

The next time people see a Microsoft product they are going to be like hey, I remember them, because of what I did. They may even purchase the product to find out why it is so hated and or bad.


  1. True & True...I just came across several ads that were controversial & racey...However, by just giving the ad limelight of debate...allows the ad to be bigger than it should be...

    There's the BK miniburgers commercial which has several hot girls drooling over the miniburgers

    At first it was kind of funny, because the two guys were nerds...but after I've seen it & heard it a billion times...I am so sick of it

  2. I think you have a really good and valid point! On one hand it is absolutely correct and right, but on the other hand it could be wrong. If it is too bad of publicity it can really hurt. for example if we were to look at get gephardt. He can really hurt a company for being scammy or untruthful. But if it is a car add where they are trying to bash another brand, they will still see the other brand and may want it anyway. Good point!