Friday, April 3, 2009


I find it kind of interesting that as time progresses we are more and more interested as consumers at the type of brand we are consuming and not the overall quality of the product. I like what Errin said about how Tommy Hilfiger jeans are just the same quality of any other brand or lesser brands and is just more expensive because of the label it has on the butt.

I started to really ponder this, and realized that when I buy something I would rather pay for quality rather than just the name of the brand. To me it is more important to me that my shoes last me years than it is what kind of shoe I am wearing. It is ultimately sad that I came to this realization so late in my life.

I hope that in the future when we buy things that we can look at the quality of the product, and be an intelligent consumer instead of buying something that costs hundreds of dollars more just because it has a logo slapped on the butt, or the front of your shirt.


  1. I agree. It is sad that we care so much as to what brand our clothing is and sacrifice the price and sometimes quality. I do think tho that somtimes more expensive things are better quality and i am willing to pay what i have to. Sometimes i get sucked into the brand thing, and i know its sad, but i like being cool... dont judge. ;o)

  2. Hey Nate,

    I agree that we do care about what we wear...but we don't seem to think that the Kenneth Cole shirt we wear is made by someone who gets paid $1.73 per hour. I too hope that the next time someone does buy a shirt or something very expensive they realize where it's coming from.